Three Major Types of Hattiesburg Apartment Buildings for All Class of People

Usually, the buildings in Hattiesburg apartments are blend and fusion of the most regular form of structures- the block, the tower and the courtyard. However, nowadays the upper class as well as the middle class is demanding for the separate structure of a building.

  • The Block apartment building- this type of structure is usually much wider than it is tall.Any building pattern whose elevation is broader than it length, it is referred as the block. The apartments are usually arranged off the passageway. It can either be single loaded or double loaded. The Block apartment building is considered best for continuing perimeter block development. Every single block building contributes to a much wider perimeter development when they are built up to the main road. The placement of such building will not block out the sunlight and daylight or access to the adjoining sites.However while constructing the block building, certain points must be kept in mind and avoided. The Block building should never be developed in narrow sites where the road frontage is limited. This is because it can lead to problems of overlooking with neighbors. Separation from neighbors is the must for privacy. Henceforth relating the building well with the street is an obligation. It will help in receiving the maximum sunlight also. The Hattiesburg apartments on the ground floor in block buildings have private outdoor area interceding between the flats and the street.
  • The Tower apartment building- while the block is wide, the tower building is vertical. It is usually a free standing building with elegant proportions and slim structure. This type of building has a single centralized and systematized core with a limited number of apartments on each floor. The tower apartment buildings are usually twice taller than its width. The tower structure typically has two floors in the base that can also be used as the podium. The roof of the podium can be landscaped and utilized as free open space for the residents. When the tower building is well designed, the outdoor space of the site increases immensely.
  • The Courtyard apartment building – the courtyard apartment building, has open space enclosed on all sides in the site. The open spaces on all sides of the building are usually communal. It is necessary that the courtyard has good quality landscaped outlook as well as the environment. The orientation and size of the Courtyard finalize the size of a building.

The three divisions allow the different class of people to afford apartments in Hattiesburg.